As a technology aficionado who believed modern digital tech would bring greater good into the world, I’m disillusioned and disheartened by some of the practices employed by the modern digital and start-up world.

I’m compelled to share my values and ethos in order to continue seeking and working in capacities that bring me joy, fulfillment and pride of ownership in my work. 

I’m seeking opportunities that prioritize the well-being of end-users and aim to engage with users in a manner that’s ethical, transparent, and values, establishing long-term trust and rapport.

I will not work in a capacity that deceives, dehumanizes or manipulates end users, or employs dark patterns to prioritize short-term profits over long-term, sustained growth.

I’m enthusiastic about working with organizations and entities with a similar ethos and in sectors that provide a positive social benefit. These can include education, science, healthcare, and more. 

Do you or your organization share a similar ethos?

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