I'm an award-winning designer and multifaceted UX professional

Building a user-focused digital solution requires thoughtful strategy and a research-driven approach. That is what I'm passionate about and I'm here to help.

Hi, I'm Parisa.

I’m an award-winning designer and UX professional with a passion for universal and inclusive design. I’ve been designing and building for the web for decades – even prior to the Geocities era! (Don’t remember Geocities? No problem.) 

As solopreneur, I take pride in providing a multifaceted and holistic approach to creating digital experiences that are delightful and built with the end-user in mind.

Building effective digital spaces is both an art and a science. I make data-informed decisions through my research-backed process to ensure the solutions I build deliver lasting value for the years to come.

I favor a collaborative approach and will enjoy sharing my insights and expertise. I’ll always take your vision and goals in mind, but I’ll constantly look for ways to optimize your solution so it’s unique and tailored perfectly for your audience. 

I take ethics seriously and practice my craft based on reliable, “good UX” methods that prioritize longevity and sustainable growth. I’m detail-oriented and methodical. I value honesty and will always share my candid thoughts and ideas. As an Empath, I pursue a gentle and kind, yet enthusiastic communication style. I look for these values in the clients I work with. 

I am deeply proud of the work that I do, and trust you’ll find my unique perspective and approach to not only be a breath of fresh air, but to deliver lasting value for your business.


UX Research
A successful user experience strategy requires a research-driven approach. I offer UX Research solutions for businesses who strive to design inclusive and human-centric products and solutions.
UX Strategy
UX strategy powers delightful user experiences. Together, we can work to gain a deep understanding of your UX goals and finding ways to better achieve them.
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Design Services
From UX to website design services, I'm here to help create immersive, yet accessible digital experiences tailored to your unique audience and their needs, goals and desires.
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Updated Portfolio coming soon & available upon request.

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