Feeling limited by your current site?

If your Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace, or other non-WordPress driven site is causing you grief, read below…

It's not you. It's likely your website builder.

The fact is this: most SaaS based website platforms leave a lot to be desired.
Yes, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, GoDaddy & others, I’m pointing the finger at you.

Here’s why:

Performance Matters

Unfortunately, many of these website platforms lack solid performance. You may be able to achieve some performance gains by optimizing your images, but you often can't go much beyond that in creating a high performance website. Think that doesn't matter? Read this.

Design-based Limitations

Many modern website platforms come with severe design limitations. Sure, they may throw in some gorgeous templates to entice you, but you're often trapped and limited by those templates as design customizations can either be rather limited or difficult to achieve.

Functionality-based Limitations

Is your business growing and needing further integrations or improvements in your website's functionality? You're often quite limited. Whether it be expanding to offer commerce, integrated membership or course support, marketing automation, or just better forms and email marketing integrations, you may find that your website limits your growth substantially.

Innovation Is Important

My experience with non-WordPress-based website builders has shown that while many of these solutions seem quite promising early on, they often fail withstand the test of time. Most SaaS solutions are VC-backed and can be marketed brilliantly. Unfortunately, they often tend to stagnate over time (or may be lacking significantly from the beginning). Once customers are locked in or become dependent on their platforms, it seems that many of these companies abandon innovation.

Other Matters

Many of these solutions are limited with regards to analytics, SEO optimization, may have poor code quality or be bloated and poorly responsive, or just lack the quality of a well-designed and reliably-hosted WordPress-based solution.

Here's what I propose...


Designer & strategist
WordPress Fantatic
WordCamp Speaker

Let's migrate your website to WordPress together quickly and affordably. (I know it might sound daunting, please hear me out.)

I honestly had the same fears when I first started building websites for clients. At the time, I didn't feel comfortable or even know which solutions were best to use. I was nervous about the challenges many users faced in the WordPress environment ranging from issues with security to themes, hosting, etc. Thankfully, there is a better way...

I'm passionate about WordPress and technology. I've spent years searching for the absolute best solutions and feel extremely confident that the benefits of a WordPress-driven site far outweigh its challenges, provided you use the right tools.

We can work together to migrate your website from your SaaS-based platform to WordPress using stellar hosting and tools (themes and plugins) so you can reap the full benefits of the platform and encounter far less of its pains. I won't sugarcoat it or try to trick you into believing you'll achieve absolute headache-free perfection. That's a unicorn in the web-world! But, I have quite a bit of expertise so I can help you mitigate the risks and steer you clear from the many challenges that scare businesses away from the WordPress ecosystem, often to their detriment. You'll be able to reap the many benefits of WordPress and enjoy a website that's built for growth and flexibility into the future.

Inspired? Here's how it works:


Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your request. I will respond within 2 business days (typically much sooner!). 



I’ll review your submission to make sure it fits my timeline. I’ll also respond with an estimate.  Pricing is based on the number of days your project requires. (More about that in the FAQ!)



We will plan your project build dates. I’ll leave a buffer of a day or two to make sure we’ve got ample time. If I finish early, no worries. You’ll only get charged for the actual days of work that your project required.



Your site will be ready for you to review and launch! Since the purpose of these projects is to translate your website as precisely as possible given the limited constraints in our environment, revisions should be quick (if there are any at all). 



You’ll be provided with training on how to edit and maintain your site’s pages, blog, etc. so it can grow with your business over time.


Ready to migrate? Here's what you'll gain!

By migrating to WordPress using my service, you’ll enjoy a new a website that’s:

Easy To Edit

Quick to Load







Got Any Questions?

Any simple website can be a solid fit. I’ve excluded e-commerce sites, sites with membership and course components, or anything fairly custom. This is an expedited and discounted service, so I have to limit the scope of work I’m able to take on.

Pricing is time-based. Websites will be priced according to the amount of time they take to complete. Currently, I’ve set the daily rate at $1000 which could net you a new site in significantly less than I’d charge for a typical new or redesigned site. If you want additional design enhancements, you’ll also be offered a special rate that’s exclusive to site migration clients for a limited time after the site’s launch.

E-commerce websites, any sites with advanced or custom functionality such as a learning management or membership system. These are better-suited for Digital Dynamite as they require custom design, development and strategy.

If you have a strict deadline in mind for launch, please explain that in the message field of the form. I’ll notify you if I’m not able to accommodate this launch date.

The payment schedule depends on the scope of your project, but generally speaking, you’ll be provided with an estimate based on the number of days I anticipate your project taking. You will be responsible to pay 100% of the lower end of the estimate upfront (for example, if your project is estimated to take 2-3 days, you will be billed for 2 days for a total of $2000 prior to beginning). Should your project take additional time, you will receive a final invoice once the project is complete, but prior to transferring ownership to you or connecting the website to your domain. Generally speaking, I try my absolute best to give accurate estimates based on worst-case scenarios as I have no interest in overcharging any client of mine (though in rare instances, it may be possible that I encounter a situation that requires additional time). Should that occur, I will contact you as soon as I’m able so that we can devise a plan moving forward. I value my business tremendously and have no interest in surprising you with an unexpected bill at the end of any project.

I will be building using Flywheel, my preferred hosting provider. Once ready, you will have to purchase a hosting plan with Flywheel so I can transfer for your website to you. If you’d like monthly maintenance, I would be happy to explore that with you on a case-by-case basis. 

I require Flywheel hosting as I’ve used numerous of hosting environments over the years and find Flywheel offers the perfect combination of reliable hosting, excellent support and fantastic value. Yes, there are a few other delightful hosts as well, but for these projects, Flywheel is the best fit and offers the greatest value.Flywheel has saved my clients and I countless hours over the years because of their wonderful hosting and truly wonderful support experience.If you want to learn more about why I love Flywheel, please visit my blog post.

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