Consulting Packages for Design Professionals

Design Consulting

Are you a designer feeling stuck when it comes design ideas and strategy? Whether you're a seasoned or new designer, it can help to have a fresh set of eyes or a fresh mind help you work through your design challenges. I'm happy to offer my unique insights and share my out-of-the-box approach to help you elevate your design so you can better serve your clients.

$350+ includes research & an hour-long strategy call

Tech Consulting

Brilliantly talented at design but totally overwhelmed by technology? You're absolutely not alone. I understand how daunting technology can be. If you need help finding the right tools and technology for your projects, or feel stuck on a technical matter, I'd love to chat and possibly help you with implementation. Technology is a passion of mine and I love demystifying it and sharing my enthusiasm with other design professionals!

$350+ includes research & an hour-long call
Implementation: $550 for ½ day project | $1000 for a full day project*
*Limited scope for implementation work, so let's please discuss.

WordPress Consulting

Are you a designer determining which tools and apps to use for your latest project? Are you looking to explore if WordPress is really right for your needs, or if you have the right theme, plugins or hosting? I'm really passionate about WordPress solutions and would love to help you help you get it all sorted out!

$350+ includes research & an hour-long call

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