Consulting & Design Packages for Businesses

Website Deep Dive

In this package, I'll take a deep dive into your website, analyzing its architecture, usability, design, performance, content, security, effectiveness, SEO, ease of use and/or other case-specific metrics. My goal here is to help you determine if the website you currently have is serving your needs, engaging your audience, and functioning well from a performance and usability standpoint. I'll report my findings in an concise, yet actionable report so you can hit the ground running with optimizations. This package is a stand-alone offering that also comes bundled in my Digital Dynamite package for those seeking a redesign. It's a great foundation to building or enhancing a new or existing site.

$750 usd | includes research & actionable report

Rapid Website (1-2 day website build)

If you're a new business owner who needs to get your website live quickly and affordably, this option is for you. While I often focus on more strategic website builds (with technology recommendations and detailed analysis) for businesses looking to soar to new heights, I also feel passionate about serving smaller businesses who may not have the budget, time or insight to go deeper into strategy and processes. Rapid Website will result in a high quality, professional website like Digital Dynamite, but it's specifically designed for newer businesses who are more budget-constrained and are seeking a simplified solution to start gathering interest from prospects promptly. I'm also offering an upgrade path from Rapid Website to Digital Dynamite to help meet clients wherever they may be at.

$2500 for a 5 page website or 5-section one page website

"Make It Pop!"

The title of this package is a bit of a joke, as designers tend to cringe a bit when clients ask that we make their designs "pop!"... With that said, this package is perfect for anyone who wants their website enhanced from a visual perspective. We'll work together to find resources and creative ways to make your existing website shine. While this is not a full site design, it's useful if you want a quick, cost-effective way to breathe new life into your website. Implementation is available for all Elementor-based websites, whereas strategy & research is available for all websites and platforms.

$500 usd for research & strategy
$1500+ includes implementation

Funnel Design & Strategy

I offer WordPress funnel design and strategy. I’m passionate about leveraging the best WordPress tools to create unique and innovative solutions. I take an iterative, data-driven approach and look for out-of-the-box ways to elevate your solutions and brand.Funnels can be extremely powerful, but they require hard work, patience and adaptation at times. I’m inspired to help you build effective solutions that will hopefully yield long-term results. I'm driven by creating unique, elegantly-designed funnels that will captivate your audience, increase rapport and sales over time.I refuse to sell you a dream or engage in tactics that may result in temporary but unsustainable gains. I greatly value ethics and integrity and look forward to working with clients who share similar values.

$750 strategy | $2500+ implementation + strategy

Digital Dynamite (2-4 week process)

For those who need something custom-tailored with deeper strategy and tech/automation recommendations, Digital Dynamite is the perfect solution. Digital Dynamite is an immersive and collaborative experience designed to bring immense value to your new or existing business.

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