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I’m always scouring the web for apps that’ll increase user engagement. Being a tech aficionado, I’m actually in the minority here because I’m typically the most excited about complex apps because there’s more to learn and I personally love a technical challenge. Luckily for you guys, however, the best apps aren’t always the most complex. In fact, a lot of simpler apps can be more powerful and engaging. A perfect example of a powerful, yet simple app is Beamer.

Beamer is an interactive newsfeed that you can embed on your website which displays categorized posts in chronological order. Think of it as your social newsfeed such as you might post to on Facebook or LinkedIn, but on steroids! Beamer hooks into your website easily — in fact, you can use it on any modern-day website platform as long as you’re able to inject the necessary scripts (this is really simple to do and their support is enthusiastic and helpful should you get stuck). Better yet, if you’re on WordPress like me, you can take advantage of their WordPress plugin which makes this a breeze.

Beamer has two embed styles: adding it as a link to your navigation menu, or using their embed icon the way my site currently shows the chat icon from ConvertFox (another app I enjoy and will feature in an upcoming post). I personally prefer the navigation menu style, as it seems the most seamless to me and doesn’t conflict with live chat. Once you click on “What’s New” menu item on my website, a sidebar pops up with my newsfeed and latest announcements. While Parisa Consulting is a fairly new brand of mine, I’m impressed with the amount of engagement my posts have gotten! A significant number of my users are choosing to interact with Beamer and I’ve received dozens of inquiries and compliments from it.

Posting content to Beamer is fast and fun. I admittedly struggle with blogging regularly as a small business owner wearing too many hats at a given time, so Beamer has enabled me to keep my audience up to date in a truly effective manner. Previously, I relied on social media posts for this purpose, but it left a lot of my users out. This way, I can keep all of my website users up to date regardless of the other channels they use to interact with my brand.

It’s also fantastic for smaller posts or bringing attention to new updates to my site and new offerings, which sometimes are so simply that they don’t necessitate a full post (an example is the “Ask Parisa” page I’ve recently added). While conversion rates vary across industries and businesses, Beamer can help you get up to 10x more user engagement and help users learn new features and changes 3x faster (source:

When I first discovered Beamer, I was intrigued but also concerned that it wouldn’t make sense for my small consulting business. I still decided to give it a try because I’m on a perpetual mission to stay informed of the apps that exist whether they’d be perfect for my own internal use or for use with clients (also, because admittedly, I’m an app nerd at heart!) . I quickly discovered that it’s quite versatile and a perfect fit not only for my business, but for a wide variety of businesses in different industries and market segments.

To adapt Beamer for my use, I’ve been able to create categories to adapt Beamer to my business’ specific needs. Beamer’s ability to create custom categories has been helpful so I’ve been able to create categories for topics of interest to my audience: deals, WordPress, freebies, etc. It’s fascinating to see how users interact with my different posts and categories and the feedback they leave. It seems the emoticons are pretty popular with users and it’s always exciting receiving new comments. The one critique I have is that I wish we could write back to their comments. That’s not a current feature, but something that I’ve brought to their team’s attention.

The paid plan I’m on lets me adjust colors to match my branding, so you’ll notice that my Beamer feed looks beautifully integrated into my website! The plan also allows for advanced analytics so I’m able to view advanced analytics which show: total visitors, unique visitors, total views, unique views and clicks and also filter my data easily.

If you run a multilingual website, it appears that you can use their Languages feature to create different tabs for the different languages your site features. You can set a default language and then let users choose which language they wish to view your post content in.

In addition to the ways I’ve used Beamer myself, I think Beamer would work well for e-commerce websites to showcase new products, promotions, and sales, SaaS companies to showcase new app features or changes, online training providers wishing to share information about upcoming classes and events, bloggers, authors, or artists hoping to showcase their latest and greatest works, and much more.

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