Get to know the founder

Hi! I’m writing this from 30,000 feet in the sky. For better and worse, life moves fast these days. My purpose behind Parisa Consulting is helping you soar to new heights online so you can focus on what you value most in your business, which for most, isn’t the technical aspects.

I’ve been a technophile since my youth. I built computers with my father as a child and built my first web page at age 11 (and plastered its address on my classroom, needless to say I wasn’t very popular🤣). I am passionate about technology, and in particular, finding ways to leverage modern-day solutions to create opportunities, especially for smaller, more resource-constrained businesses.

Effective digital design encompasses a whole lot more than aesthetics. User experience, conversion strategy, analytics, SEO and marketing automation play critical roles, too. Modern day websites must be intelligent: dynamic, captivating, conversion-focused and integrate with other solutions to enhance your overall business processes and systems. If this sounds daunting, relax — I’ve got you covered.

Parisa Consulting LLC is my latest endeavor and one that feels infinitely more personal. I decided to rebrand as myself, as it’s more in line with my goals of establishing myself as an industry expert and a tech educator of sorts. I never wanted to grow into a large agency, and I feel very strongly about sharing my knowledge and empowering those who are less savvy to dive into the technology, too. (It doesn’t have to be scary, I promise!). My goals here are two-fold:

  • To create a community and resource hub with tools, resources and courses for motivated entrepreneurs who wish to DIY their digital presence in a manner that’s effective and in line with their goals and visions
  • To offer high level consulting and solutions for businesses hoping to enhance their digital footprints through smart quick launch websites, marketing funnels and automation, and e-learning environments
As an introvert, there’s a lot of vulnerability in this but I believe in what I have to offer, so it’s time to embrace it. I hope you find my resources & solutions helpful and inspiring. Most importantly, I hope you learn a lot.

Quick Bits About Me


BA in Economics for Business & Management, and an MS in Computer Science & Engineering. My passion lies where these fields intersect.


Good food, better wine, music (all genres- just no auto-tune, please!), museums, art (creating and exploring), blockchain technology, cats, family


To help more entrepreneurs through courses and workshops and to eventually run my own mentoring and accelerator for women entrepreneurs


Being selected to build the website for renowned designer, Stefan Sagmeister's The Happy Film. I was pretty excited but trying to act cool.

My Values

Ethics, integrity, kindness, compassion, intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness, innovation, creativity, humor (especially a bit of sarcasm)

This or That?

Red or white wine? Red, 100%. Breakfast or dinner? Dinner! Android or. iOS? Android
Coffee or tea? Both!
Rain or snow? Rain

Think we'd make an awesome team?